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Terms of service

This terms of conditions, Success Inter Link Pte. Ltd. ( hereinafter referred as our company ) is defined the terms of conditions of service to provide on this website.

1.About copyright

All providing information information of this website is based on reliable information and materials that we created. But it is not guarantee of accuracy and integrity for this. We do not guarantee that any problems you are reported which the information provided by ours. As we providing those information as an intellectual property right but not authorised to use it. In addition, providing this website information can be ameliorated or changed as our own judgement without any other notice to you.

2.The link of website to 3rd party

The contents’ copyright of the website information, photographs, illustrations character and images are belonging to 3rd parties and our company’s contents provider. It is prohibited using reproduction, alternation, redistribution, re-publication, downloading, display, posting or anything else as such part or all doing by any means without approval from the copyright owner in advance.

3.The link to this website

It is not prohibited using this website of the link ( not necessary to inform ). Keeping the rules with below article as the caution of using for this link.
※The caution of using this link.※
It is not prohibited sticking this website on the link. However, it is prohibited making a copy and reproduction. We are not liable in case affecting you by modification, shifting, and deletion will be incurred from this website.

4.Revision of usage conditions

We may update the terms of conditions of providing this website information without any other notice to you.

5.Prohibited article ( item or matter )

We are not able to accept the acts which is under any other prohibited case as follows:
  • ・Act of violation to 3rd party’s property, rights, privacy.
  • ・Act of unauthorized access to affect an interfere to management.
  • ・Act of sending or writing of harmful computer program to affect to management.
  • ・Act of reprograming, reverse engineering, analysis, creation and distribution of utilities.
  • ・Act of any other offence of laws and moral of public.
Issued 28th February 2017

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