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Provide a service in comfortable air-conditioned environment lineups to our customers.
The integrated logistics services

We provide receiving, storage and packing for the small items and sending to end user directly.

Our service lineups information
Customs clearance, door to door transfer,
tracking service,receiving items,
inspection, packing, shipping
(overseas and domestics)

※Our shipping carton is as much small as possible. We can provide 11 kinds of cartons. Feel free to contact us !

In addition, we also providing if you require any subject bases.

Storage service (ambient temperature)

Providing comfy A/C service 365 days

Temperature setting : under25
Humidity setting : 45% – 55%
Service of inspection

We carry out careful and warm-hearted checking and inspection for all item.

Import re-export service for pharmaceutical products with authorized licence

Licence approved by Health Sciences Authority.
We are able to provide customs clearance service for you.
Qualification of licence : Form A Posion Licence / Importer’s Licence
※We can handle only for re-export item. ( We do not have Wholesaler’s Licence )

Auto assemble carton former services
(for small size)

Are you in trouble about assembly of packaging? Is it just box? However items are not available to be shipped out without carton.

So our company provide small carton which is less dead space inside the box and suitable for your small item. We are successful to make an auto assemble carton former that we are waiting for your request using with it.

Scheduled to be released spring of 2018

carton size
11.5cm x 10.5cm x 0.35cm ~ 13cm x 11.5cm x 15cm



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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will respond you as soon as possible.

For inquiries by email We will reply to you hereafter the following business day for your inquiry.